Meal Prep with Chef JRob

April 10, 2018

Regardless of your fitness goals, dietary restrictions, or eating habits, Chef JRob's Meal Plans will help you achieve your nutritional desires! When you book Chef JRob for his meal preparation services, choose between the Premium 5-Day Service or the Simple 3-Day Service. Both services have an option to add on desserts or additional meals. Your customized meals will be packaged and left with simple reheating instructions. 


For this client's weekly meal preparation Chef JRob prepared an assortment of entrees and sides to give his client options for each lunch or dinner meal. The first meal featured scalloped potatoes, garden-fresh spinach, and tender pork chops. The second meal featured steamed broccoli, grilled chicken breast, assorted bell peppers, and Chef JRob's signature Mac Attack. For the third meal, Chef JRob prepared cilantro rice, steak, and roasted potatoes with beans and tomatoes. For a healthy snack in between meals, Chef JRob whipped up a very special fresh fruit parfait. 





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