Chef JRob's Mighty Duck and Sweet Potato Nachos

June 11, 2018

If you are looking to make lifestyle changes and incorporate a diet that allows you to consume meals that are equally hearty and healthy, consider trying these new Chef JRob signatures!


Have you ever tried duck before? You'll be surprised at how robust and succulent it can be! Duck breast provides many healthy benefits and is a great source of protein, especially if you are exploring healthier meat selections. It provides selenium and zinc, which are both great for cellular metabolism, and is also a great source of iron. Duck is easy to divide for meal prep. and you do not have to have Chef JRob's culinary skills to prepare it at home!


Chef JRob pan-seared this duck breast and smothered it in a blueberry-pear reduction. Paired with mashed potatoes whipped to perfection, this is definitely one of the healthiest meals you can eat!


For dessert, it is important to keep your options healthy, but this innovative dish gives you a little wiggle room to splurge. Chef JRob's Sweet Potato Nachos feature sliced, oven-roasted sweet potatoes drizzled in a light caramel sauce. For an extra treat, indulge in some vanilla Bluebell ice cream with fresh, chilled blueberries. 




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