Chef JRob: The Executive Chef

January 3, 2019

Chef JRob has changed lives one tastebud at a time with his first-class dishes and innovative presentation. 2018 was only the beginning of the expansion of The Experience, and your favorite chef is not letting off the gas! Chef JRob has high aspirations and will be working hard in his pursuit to achieve his dreams, including: becoming a food technologist, opening his first restaurant and food truck establishment, and much more...with big dreams like these, it can be almost too hard to keep up! 


Yet somehow it is never too much for his personal assistant to manage! If you have ever wondered who keeps Chef JRob together in the kitchen, meet the woman behind The Experience: Anaston J. Scott. As Chef JRob’s right hand woman she handles bookings, scheduling, and of course, the content featured on! Anaston began collaborating with Chef JRob in December of 2017 and has been a huge part of building The Experience into the brand that has been recognized for its originality, creativity, and signature service. Anaston also creates content focused on self-care and mental health on her website and will be launching her self-care coaching program in March of 2019. 


With a duo such as these two, why wouldn’t you book Chef JRob?


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